Signature Franchising will review and discuss the following topics on Franchising with you as a potential Franchisor:

A review of both Federal and State laws which govern franchising.
Items contained in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

An overview of different franchise strategies available for expansion.
Methods of Marketing and Supervising new Franchisees

A comparison of the cost of various growth strategies.
How much it costs to Franchise Your Business

An overview of revenue streams through franchising.
Income streams, royalties, franchise fees, equipment & product sales.

The estimated costs of franchising your business.
Total cost of Franchising and how Signature will finance your program.

Calculating returns on franchise development and support costs.
Making a profit on your franchise expansion.

Criteria for determining whether your business is franchisable.
Analysis of your industry and how it fits in franchising.

The differences between franchising and licensing.
Legal aspects of franchising and the controls it affords you.

An overview of the organization demanded by franchising.
Keeping you costs of development in line with growth.

Selection criteria for choosing the right people for your franchise.
Staffing recommendations for your new franchise program

When you hire a Franchising firm, the first question you should ask is, "Who in the firm specifically will be working on my project. Because ultimately you are hiring people, to help you reach your goals. What difference does a firm's client list make, if the people who are actually doing the work are still wet behind the ears?

Stated simply, Signature Franchising has the most experienced consultants in franchising.

We urge you to compare our consultants to anyone in the industry. Individual consultants may have some good experience, but no sole practitioner can hope to match the breadth of experience offered by ours in the world of franchising.

Signature Franchising provides Operations Manuals, Training Manuals, Marketing and Lead Generation Plans to optimize your advertising budget.

Creative Materials, Brochures, Customized Sales Strategies, and Sales Training to help maximize your growth.

Web-based Solutions to franchise marketing, franchise communications, and franchise quality control in the growth of your franchise system

At Signature Franchising, we live with the results of our recommendations every day.

At the Signature Franchising, perfection is among our greatest strengths.

Signature Franchising accepts a limited number of clients in any given year. We only wish to work with the best clients. We are dedicated to long-term relationships with increasingly successful clients.


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