Fast Tracking

The term Fast Track as defined by Merriam-Webster
"-to speed up the processing, production, or construction of in order to meet a goal"

It is our desire to complete all projects in a reasonable time frame, with the emphasis on quality. Fast tracking the program can be accomplished, but will not be undertaken if it requires a lowering of standards.

Fast tracking, a term first used in 1971, is a project management technique used to ensure that projects are completed within the shortest time period possible. When projects are fast tracked, tasks have been juxtaposed in a manner that enables them to be constructed simultaneously or as one element of the project nears completion (about 60% or so) the next portion begins, thereby overlapping the portions of the project and cutting production time. However, there is more to fast-tracking than the sequencing of tasks and activities. Client participation and use of existing resources contribute the ability to fast track a project.

Signature Franchising offers Fast Tracking services for additional fees and are considered/accepted on a case-by-case basis only. While every effort will be applied to complete an expedited project, there are no Guaranteed Time - frames with any fast tracked project and projects are subject to revisions.


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