Franchise Sales Program

Signature Franchising handles the sales opportunity of each individual Franchisor. Each franchisor is reviewed with Diligence prior to accepting them for Franchise Sales. We look for franchisors with good fundamentals and those that are offering a Franchise that has the room and capability to grow, nationally and internationally. It is of prime importance that the Franchisor has a management structure capable of growth and is sufficiently capitalized for the sales growth we can generate for them.

Franchisors must qualify for this program under the following guidelines:

1) Signature Franchising and the Franchisor are in alignment on their goals, so they can both succeed in the Signature Franchising sales program.

2) Our desire is to learn about the franchisors’ system and offering, their management team, sales goals, and their financial capability. All of these factors are extremely important.

3) While selling Franchise, we continue to update our clients with telephone calls and reports on a regular basis. We handle the client from the time a lead is submitted until agreements are signed and the initial franchise fee has been paid to the Franchisor.

4) The final decision whether to accept or reject a potential Franchisee is strictly the decision of the Franchisor. Signature Franchising is not involved in the decision making process. Selecting qualified Franchisee’s is critical to the growth and success of the Franchisor.

Established Franchise Company Programs including Manuals, FDD, Training, Sales

Pay Per Click Programs for Franchise Sales: Google - Yahoo - Bing -AOL

Franchise Broker Commission Sales Programs

Opeation Manuals & FDD Updates

Updates of Franchise Procedures  &  Revisions of Procedures

Additions to Documents for Franchise Development

Redesign of Brochures & Virtual Brochures

Web Design & Logo Design

Updates, revisions, additions Development & redesign of brochures, virtual brochures, web pages, and logos

Operations Manuals revised to new programs

Training Program for Franchisees, Power Points, Franchise prospect qualification

Interior branding programs and other consumer marketing assistance

Franchise Sales Consultation, Marketing, Ad Creation, Trademark, International Sales

Financing of Franchisees New franchisors need someone to handle franchise marketing, advertising, sales, and ad placement. Training and support for new franchisees. Public relations quality control and franchise sales.

Advertising Placing & Return Measurement

  • Franchisee Ad Fund Scheduling
  • Print Updating
  • Franchisee Application Procedures
  • Franchise Sales and Disclosure
  • New Sales Brochures, Videos, Web Site & Identity
  • Bringing Operations Manuals Current for Legal Requirments
  • Training New and Existing Franchisees
  • Franchisee Marketing Assistance
  • Store Design and Modernizing
  • Operations Manuals Updates
  • Operations Manuals




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