Operations Manuals

A successful franchise operation is governed by Franchise Manuals that franchisees follow to ensure consistency starting with training and in their ongoing operations. Franchise Operation Manuals are the most effective method to communicate policies, procedures, and operating systems to franchisees.

Existing franchisees benefit from Franchise Manuals for their ongoing operations of the franchise business. When properly used, the Manuals ensure consistency between the Franchisor and the franchisee. The Manuals  save time at both the corporate level and for each individual Franchisee.

The Franchise Operation Manuals produced by Signature Franchising act as a training guide for new franchisees and an operations guide for established franchisees. The Franchise Manual serves as the vehicle through which each Franchisor alerts the Franchisees to new policies, products, and procedures for the franchisee’s business operations.

Signature Franchising creates the content and design of the Manuals as part of the Franchise Program. We use questionnaires, phone interviews and computer communications with the staff of the new Franchisor to develop the Manuals. The content of the Franchise Manuals includes pre- and post-opening information used in the operation of the franchise and upon completion of the Manuals, Signature Franchising provides you with the computerized  files in Microsoft Word for updates on products and services in the Franchise Business.

Signature Franchising will develop the following Manuals for your Franchise Business

  • Pre-Opening Manual 

  • Human Resource Reference Manual 

  • Suggested Employee Manual 

  • General Operations Manual 

  • Business Resource Manual

A Signature Franchising Operations Consultant determines, with your input, the manual's style, scope, and format, and will document procedures and collect any materials that are to be included in the manual.

Each manual displays in detail the tasks and guidelines required to operate your franchised business from unit opening to closing.

The following procedures are utilized in your manual development:

Business Information Assembly: Our manual specialists gather all information about your business to be put in the manuals.

Setting up the Consulting Team: A specific team of manual consultants is specified that is familiar with your industry.

Assignment of Duties: Each manual consultant is given the assignment procedures for production of their section of the manuals.

Producing  and Initial Editing : In house team of editors review the manuals in detail

Rough Draft of Manuals: A preliminary draft of each manual is sent for your review.

Manual Revisions: All suggestions and corrections are made from your review.

Final Manual Production: Manuals are printed and put on disk, delivered to client.



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