Pay Per Click Advertising

We’ll work to increase your visibility online so you can begin to capture market share from your competitors and grow your brand. We do this in a number of highly effective ways, which are detailed in this proposal.

  • We’ll take full advantage of your increased visibility by continually optimizing your listings and ads so they have a high clickability, motivating people to click on you more than your competitors.
  • We’ll maximize your increased visibility and clickability by perpetually optimizing your website and landing pages for the highest possible conversion rate. Meaning, converting more of your visitors into revenue.
  • By maximizing your visibility, clickability and convertibility online, we’re able to drive you a better return on investment over time and create a strong long-term, scalable marketing solution for your brand.
  • Today, more than ever, your digital presence online is key to your brand’s success. We want to partner with you to grow your brand online and gain market share over your competitors. Our full-service solution means we’ll do everything for you so you can focus on running your business while we focus on driving you business.
  • Leveraging our platform will help you truly see and measure all your marketing data in one place, which allows you to funnel more of your marketing dollars into what’s working and less of your dollars into what’s not. This saves you time and allows you to get more revenue from your marketing investment over time.

Signature Franchising has a Franchise trained PPC team which will work with you on your Franchise Sales Program.  If you are a current PPC user, or you are just considering PPC for the first time, call us, talk with our Experts In Franchising Sales Advertising with PPC, it could be your road to success. Our PPC program includes:

  1. Defining your campaign strategies:
  2. Performing keyword research to ensure your campaign is utilizing the most effective keywords.
  3. Your pay-PPC  program includes composition of your ads to secure Franchisees.
  4. Signature Franchising will create text to attract particular keyword searchers. 
  5. Develop your ads to direct your potential clients to landing pages and minimize costs per click..
  6. We work with you in tracking conversions from your campaign.
  7. Establish and monitor the numerous account settings to maximize your business.
  8. Monitor the cost-per-click (CPC) bid positions that yield you the best return.
  9. Provide a monthly analysis of campaign performance, including keyword cost, conversions and trends.
  10. Implement ad campaign, keyword list adjustment to improve your keyword Quality Score.

Signature Franchising will provide a monthly review and analysis of search engine optimization ranking report to determine where your site is ranked.

Setting up your Franchise Pay Per Click (FPPC)

Our PPC programers work with you and your staff to efficiently develop your pay per click advertising platform. The PPC for Google and Bing bring in traffic to your website that is specific to your sales. Our PPC experience in this field combined with our knowledge of Franchise Sales gives us and you a singular strategy to develop your PPC advertising.

Whether you are using PPC in your Franchise Sales advertising presently, or just beginning to utilize PPC, we will work with you to develop a successful sales program and save you costs while increasing your sales of Franchises. Our Franchise Sales methods have been developed with years of experience in Franchise Marketing  in over 24 countries around the world.

To start, we conduct an in-depth interview with personnel of each new client to develop a meaningful relationship and understanding of your Franchise. We start by learning about your goals, experience, your clientele and we analyze your competitive advantages to structure your PPC program.

We review your business structure to maximize your advertising return. We then start the process of getting your accounts ready to launch. This includes: a full keyword analysis including negative keywords, keyword organization, copy writing for multiple ads in each group, proper platform settings to maximize results demographically, budget monitoring, more. The platforms at Google, Bing and Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn offer many options. Our technicians make sure everything is in place, whether you are an experienced Franchisor with years of Pay Per Click history. 

Signature Franchising Videos & Online Brochures:

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Signature Franchising has developed a model for securing qualified franchisees.  The system is designed around the most essential item, securing leads. Our aggressive and consistent franchise marketing program is also essentialfor a number of reasons.  Signature Franchising takes into account all of the items required when developing your franchise sales program.





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