FDD Update & Renewal time is HERE!


Signature Franchising is offering a fast and easy FDD revision & updating service*.  First we conduct an assessment of your current Franchise Disclosure Document and Exhibits, then Identify and articulate changes and/or updates to be inserted into the FDD, then submit them to legal counsel, yours or ours.

Let our years and years of experience work for you.

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Manual writing and updating services are available. 

*Including all 2020 FTC updates and 2020 State update

Franchising Your Business

Since 1980 Signature Franchising® has been creating, developing and helping businesses’ franchise dreams come true.

In franchising, the Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement are more than just legal documents - they cover financial aspects of a business, quality control, operating systems and procedures, marketing, future options/alternatives and many other business aspects. The work is extensive. We make it easy and understandable. 

Signature Franchising® provides a full range of items and services that you will need to launch your Franchise. Our experienced staff offers professional high-quality services for building your franchise platform during your development process. We work quickly.

Signature Franchising® has taken revolutionary steps in the franchise development community. We offer full-service franchise creation, development and professional results, without limousines and high prices. We are able to accommodate all types and sizes of businesses. Since you will be working from your own office or location, we are able to maintain a relaxed environment. The program is designed to encourage your participation and is structured to be flexible and fit into your busy schedule. 

The Signature Franchising® Development Program is designed to conform to your individual franchise needs. Professionals from Signature Franchising® will work with you to determine the best way to structure your program. 

Example topics discussed and reviewed:

  • Business Model Identification and Documentation: including growth and profit centers within your business
  • Identification of Internal Systems: operational programs and products/services
  • Outline Franchisee’s Required Obligations: to operate the franchise unit
  • Detailed Franchisee Investment: for the Franchisee’s new business
  • Territory Analysis: to be awarded to each Franchisee
  • Prepare Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): Franchise Agreement and Exhibits for franchise attorney review
  • Franchisee Training Program Structure: for inclusion in the FDD and Franchise Agreement
  • Creation of Franchise Operations Manual(s): for your business
  • Franchisee Application Forms and Preparation: for Franchise candidates

Each Client is assigned an experienced Signature Franchise Consultant, who is familiar with every nuance of the franchising industry and will guide you through your franchise process. Designated teams of Signature Franchising Professionals will create each of the items included in your program used to franchise your business, while working closely with you to create a dynamic Franchise Program that can deliver results for you.

Signature Franchising Products & Services

Below is a partial list of the products and services we offer with the Signature Franchise Development Program for new Franchisors.

  • FDD – Franchise Disclosure Document prepared for you.
  • Trademark Registration Submission by a Franchise Trademark Attorney
  • Marketing, Advertising, by our Franchise marketing specialists
  • Five Operations Manuals completed exclusively for your business
  • Franchise Sales Brochures in full color
  • Franchise Broker Sales collateral to sell your Franchises


Signature Interest-Free Financing for this program is available with terms customized to your business. If you feel that your company will qualify then contact us to arrange for a detailed discussion of your business growth.

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FDD Renewals 

This year there are many changes!

Yes, we prepare FDD renewals for your attorney's review. Typically, we can save you time and money. Pricing is on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us at 1-800-343-3213.

CALL US to discuss your Franchise Program, 1-800-343-3213.

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