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Serving Franchisors In 24 Countries Around the World

It is the Goal of Signature Franchising to prepare and launch successful new Franchisors. We are committed to providing the highest levels of development and support in the Franchising Industry. Since 1980, we have worked with companies throughout the world in developing and maintaining successful franchise operations. 

Having developed many companies in expanding their operations through franchising, our advice and assistance is based our Franchise knowledge and experience in both development and Franchise Sales. We have franchised all types of industries, examples include but are not limited to: food operations from white table cloth restaurants to fast food to food delivery, clothing, rental real estate, brokerage firms,  insurance, health and wellness, fitness, spas and salons, all types of auto service companies, all types of pet services, education and childcare, signage, advertising and sales, commercial & residential cleaning, painting, home decorating and remodeling, elder care, event planning, paint & sips, lawn care, pest control, home inspection and testing, private investigation and security services, mortuary services, parking lots, groceries, and more.

Our Franchise programs are being used in many diverse industries. The operations manuals have been developed over many years and are being updated...constantly.

Signature Franchising really and truly cares about you, our client and your road to Franchising success. Signature Franchising limits and screens each of the companies prior to accepting them as clients, in order to provide the highest levels of service and support. We attribute our success in building quality Franchises to this discretionary procedure.

We believe you the client are crucial to the success of Signature Franchising and we strive to establish and maintain your successful franchise operations. Unlimited support during your program is available on our consulting line 800-343-3213, to assist you. Consultants are available to answer any of your questions concerning your potential or established Franchise Operation.

On our team of Franchise Specialists, we have individual members with over forty years of Franchising Expertise in the Franchise industry each. All team members have extensive franchise experience.  

Our Franchise consultants are available to assist you and answer your questions concerning any part of your Franchise, including advertising of your franchise, meeting with Franchise Applicants, working with your Franchisees, every aspect of Franchising is included in our support program. You receive of Franchise Consulting & Support with your purchase and it may be extended beyond the completion of your program.

Franchise Services We Offer

Franchise Programs include the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) government required Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), including the Franchise Agreement*, Franchise Exhibits and Operations Manuals.

Writing/Drafting the Franchise Operations Manual
Operations Manual Updating, Review & Revision (may be extended)
Franchise Document Updates (FDD)
Structuring a launch Franchise Sales Program
Advertising to Secure Franchise Leads
Franchise Brochure Development
Franchise Marketing Plans
Understanding your Franchisees Financial Performance
Keeping up on current issues in Franchising
International Franchising for your company
Structuring a Franchisee Training Program

Franchisee Consulting, Motivational and Communications Programs
Fee Structuring
Franchise Network Development Plans
Franchise Industry Research Services
Replacing poor performing Franchisees
Profiting on Re-sales of Franchise
Advertising your Franchise

Note* The Franchise Agreement is the legally binding contract that describes your rights and obligations, as well as those of your franchisees.

Whether you are ready to Franchise your company or you are in the planning stage, it is time to speak with the Signature Franchising, the Experts In Franchising. We will help you through the pathway of decisions, explaining how to grow your business profitably and to make your idea of a dynamic franchise business become a reality. Our experienced Franchise Consultants will develop your Franchise Program with you and your staff. We are a full Franchise Consulting firm specializing in the Development, Marketing and Sales of Franchises throughout the world.

Business owners examining franchising as a growth strategy, are encouraged to have a telephone consultation. Time spent with us will afford you a detailed understanding of the Signature Franchising operations and explain how you can grow your business through the Franchise Process.

Call Now, This is a no cost, no obligation Franchise Consultation to answer your questions and to describe the best way to Franchise. We look forward to speaking with you.

Franchisor Services

Each Franchisor will have specific needs for their franchise program that will distinguish them from other companies. However, there are some items that tend to be basic for most franchised organizations. Although, every individual Franchisor has their own, exclusive niche that characterizes them from their competitors, Signature Franchising prides itself on its ability to help you enhance and cultivate this distinctive material for your Franchise Program.

Throughout your franchise development process you will be coached by several of our Franchise Consultants who specialize in their specific field of Franchising. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of successful Franchisors.

Our Franchising Programs are being used around the World to Franchise Business, in 24 Countries from USA to China, Singapore, Philippines in the far East to, the UK, France, Germany and Holland in Europe, Pakistan, Dubai and Saudi in the Middle East.

Typical Franchise Q & A

Some of the questions frequently asked when considering franchising a business, we will be glad to answer for you. Call 1-800-343-3213. 

∙ The difference between licensing and franchising and when each is appropriate

∙ Franchise Feasibility - is franchising the correct expansion strategy for your company

∙ The benefits and risks of franchising your business

∙ Characteristics of a strong franchisor organization

∙ Identifying the roles and responsibilities of the franchisor and franchisee

∙ Determining the proper Franchise Fee Structure

∙ Brand development and advertising requirements

∙ Single Unit Franchising

∙ Area Development and Multi-Unit Franchising

∙ Company Owned and Franchisee Owned locations in the same market

∙ Operation manuals and training programs and issues to consider when creating manual and training program content.

∙ The use of web based training and operating manuals in franchise systems

∙ Franchise Law - Understanding the Federal and State Disclosure requirements, relationship laws, trademarks, service marks and trade dress and other regulations that impact franchise system on a day to day basis

Signature Franchising believes the best way to assist in the growth of new franchisors and help them achieve their goals is to leave nothing to chance. Our franchise consultants and attorneys direct every step of your franchise development. Why wait, begin today. 

Look forward to hearing from you. Call 1-800-343-3213 or use the contact us button on the top right to send an email. 

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